As a part of cleaning protocols and infection prevention, the importance of disinfecting has become a hard sell even today. With the risk of COVID-19, everyone is learning and applying techniques about sanitizing and disinfecting hoping to keep them protected from this feared virus.  

Before you choose to get a service provider to perform a disinfecting service for COVID-19, it would be best to do your homework to guarantee that you’ll have the most effective means, a fair price, and the proven kill claims. Be careful of those companies who take advantage of the current situation that unethically charge ten times the usual rates for disinfecting service.  

Difference between disinfecting, cleaning, and sanitizing 

Cleaning is a method used to remove debris like inorganic and organic material from surfaces and objects. Disinfecting intends to kill the microscopic organisms present on the surface. While sanitizing only reduces and does not totally kills organisms on a surface.  

Difference between electrostatic disinfecting, wipe/spray, misting, and fogging services? 

Fresno fogging and misting systems offer bring extremely tiny droplets that deposit on surfaces passively according to the effect of gravity and the direction of spray, which ends up in patchy coverage. Wipe/spray methods are time-consuming as well, give the least consistent coverage, and labor-intensive. Electrostatic distributes charged droplets, which actively attract to crevices surfaces and the back sides irrespective of the spray’s direction for a total coverage of wrap-around disinfection. 

Does an electrostatic disinfecting service combat coronavirus? 

If you hire a reputable cleaning company that offers professional and high-quality Clorox or disinfecting solutions, you can expect that they’ll be able to successfully kill 99.9 percent of bacteria within 5 seconds. This service is also recognized for its capability to kill 44 types of organisms like flu/cold viruses, Norovirus, MRSA, and coronavirus in less than 2 minutes. 

Which areas can electrostatic disinfecting service be used? 

An electrostatic disinfecting service is a system that can be utilized in different forms of environment, such as manufacturing plants, labs, office spaces, hangars and aircraft, and more. The key is to look for a reputable disinfecting service provider to guarantee that the products used for the system are safe to be used on an extensive range of both non-porous and porous surfaces.  

How long do you need to wait to re-enter an area after the electrostatic disinfecting service is done? 

The good news about this service is that the client and even the bystanders can get back inside the room right away after applying the product. This only means that you get zero-reentry time, which was determined following testing with the system. Even right after using it, the product levels in the air were estimated and found to reach below acceptable limits. So, you can safely reenter your premises after you get professional disinfecting services from a reputable cleaning company.  

Should you want to use this service, make sure to do more research about this or you may directly contact or visit our website to know more about disinfecting and cleaning your premises to guarantee you, your customers, and staff’s health.